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The Stone

Paradox, a troubled dragonet. Meets a friend. They are in the middle of Seawing territory and you spot him. The cutest little dragonet you ever seen. You fall for him but. Dun dun dun.

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Silver looked at the silver rock, slightly surprised. "Does that happen to everything you touch?" She asked with interest.

"Nnnnnooootttt everything" he said hugging her proving that he didn't

She looked down, waiting for him to jump back from the heat coming off her scales. It wasn't enough to hurt anyone unless they held her for hours, but it was still enough to be different.

He was immortal so he couldn't feel anything

She looked at Ray. She narrowed her eyes at the sight of him. "You are not an egg keeper." Slime Snail said, hissing.

"I couldn't make out what you were saying. Are you alright? This storm's getting pretty bad." Ray replied, looking at the darkening clouds.

Silver was surprised when he didn't move away. " can't feel my fire?" she asked, slightly confused.

He shook his head

"You're the first dragon, other than Sepia, to not feel my fire." She said, looking at him with something close to admiration.

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